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Calves Weaned Summer 1999

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    It is our belief that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate anywhere the calves pictured here in quality, quantity, and uniformity all in the same package.  We believe that the health and quality of our cattle herd is equaled by few others and surpassed by none.  It is with great pleasure and pride that we describe and show this offering of preconditioned calves.
     These calves were born in September, October, and November of 1998.  Their mamas are top quality primarily home raised Brangus and Brangus white face cows.  This cowherd has been developed through careful selection and purchase of genetically superior herd sires from some of the top purebred Brangus breeders in the nation.  Purchased female replacements have been selected in the same manner.  All other female replacements are home grown.  When making such selections particular emphasis has been placed on mothering ability, rapid maturity, gaining efficiency, carcass value, musculoskeletal development, structural soundness, and phenotype.
      This offering of calves consists of 194 steers and 212 heifers.  Purebred registered Charolais bulls of extremely good quality sired approximately 93-95%; top quality purebred registered Brangus or Angus bulls sired the balance.
      Herd health and management has always been priority one in our ranching operation.  Our program has evolved from branding and blackleg vaccination prior to the early 1980’s when we first began preconditioning our calf crops into what is outlined below as the herd history of this offering of calves:

I.  Cows palpated for pregnancy at weaning of last calf crop and routine culling process
        A.  Pregnant cows treated with Dectomax for gastrointestinal parasites and grub control
        B.  Pregnant cows administered Cattlemaster 4+VL5.
        C.  Cow herd nutritionally supplemented with 20% breeder cubes from mid-December 1998 thru mid-March 1999 (Alderman-Cave Feeds, Winters, TX.)
II.  Calves branded December 7th , 8th , and 9th of 1998
        A.  Bull calves castrated with a knife
        B.  Calves with horns were dehorned
        C.  Calves vaccinated (2cc) intranasally with TSV2 (IBR-PI3)-Pfizer’s modified live virus vaccine
            Serial number: SN168108080/CN174585080
            Exp. Date: 11 Jan 00
        D.  Calves vaccinated (5cc) Sub Q with Pfizer’s Ultrabac 7/ Somubac
            Serial number: 174611180
            Exp. Date: 25 April 01
        E.  Calves implanted with Synovex C
III.  Calves weaned July 19th, 20th, and 21st of 1999
       A.  Calves fed high energy, high quality peleted ration free choice in bulk feeders during the weaning
             process for 3-5days:
             Milo 800#
             Cottonseed Meal 200#
             Molasses 100#
             Cottonseed Hulls 425#
             Peanut Hulls 425#
             Rumensen premix 30#
             Calcium 30#
             Vitamin A 1#
             Salt 20#
       B.  Administered 2cc IM, Pfizer’s BoviShield 4 (MLV) IBR, PI3, BVD, and BRSV
             Serial number: SN173898080/CN181144090
             Exp. Date: 18 Oct 00
       C.  Administered 2cc Sub Q, Pfizer’s One Shot (Pasteurella haemolytica)
             Serial number: SN161698080/170623080
             Exp. Date: 7 Sept 99
       D.  Administered 7cc orally Synanthic (Oxfendazole) dewormer 22.5%
             Lot#: 013122
             Exp. Date: Sept 01
       E.  Re-administered 5cc Sub Q, Pfizer’s Ultrabac 7/ Somubac
             Serial number: 174611180
             Exp. Date: 25 April 01
       F.  Calves sprayed with organophosphate insecticide for ectoparasites
       G.  Calves NOT  implanted at weaning
       H.  Absolutely NO injections given in rear quarters; all injections administered in neck or axial region.
IV.  Calves placed on Kleingrass July 22nd and 23rd of 1999
       A.  Calves fed ½- 1 pound 20% cubes daily
       B.  Fresh water and salt supplied free choice

      As a result of our efforts, this offering of calves is assured of a very sound and solid immunity against Clostridium sp., Haemophilus somnus, IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, and Pasteurella haemolytica.
      These calves will be sold to be delivered 45-50 days post weaning in mid to late September    (10th-25th).  They will be weighed on our scales with a 3% pencil shrink f.o.b. the ranch between San Saba and Brady in central Texas.  At delivery, approximately 10-15 smaller calves will be cut to insure more uniformity in the balance of the calves.  These cuts will primarily be taken from the black calves.

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