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Mays Ranching Company is proud to present this year’s weaned calf crop for offer.  Some 200 head of steers and 180 heifer mates were born last fall during September and October and thru mid-November.  In December these calves received Clostridial and Haemophilus bacterin (Pfizer’s Ultrabac 7/Somnus, ser. # S008213, Exp. 15 Jul 02, 5cc subcutaneously), IBR, and PI3 (Pfizer’s TSV-2, ser. # 184860090, Exp. 31 Oct 00, 2cc intranasally).  These calves were also dehorned, knife-cut castrated, and fire branded.  Their dams are Brangus-type cows having less than a quarter ear.  These calves were sired by top-of-the-line Charolais bulls which like the cows and calves can be seen on this website.  Exhibiting less than one eighth Brahman influence, this is a tremendous set of uniform calves.

Weaning time for this year’s offering occurred June 20, 21, and 22.  These genetically ripe calves then received Clostridial and Haemophilus bacteria
(Pfizer’s Ultrabac 7/ Somnus, ser. # S008213, Exp. 15 Jul 02, 5cc subcutaneously), IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV (Pfizer’s Bovishield 4, ser. # A907405,
Exp. 9 Jan 02, 2cc intramuscularly), Pasteurella haemolytica (Pfizer’s One Shot, ser. # A903270/A900706, Exp. 23 Jan 01, 2 cc subcutaneously), and deworming (Ft. Dodge’s Synanthic, ser. # 013118, Exp. Nov 00, 6cc orally).

Following five days in weaning pens on a high energy ration provided in bulk feeders, the steers and heifers have been pastured separately on improved (Klein/ Willmann Love grasses) and native pasture grass where they currently may be seen.

Big boned, framey, high-milk producing dams and Charolais bulls genetically selected for frame and muscle produce this exceptionally uniform calf crop filled with growth and feeding potential.  Weaning weights of 700# and 675# for the steers and heifers respectively demonstrate the growth and
management behind these calves.  They are genetically produced to perform, and previous calf crops from like or same dams and sires have had feed
conversions and health status performance records from feeding operations to slaughter of which we are proud.

To demonstrate consistency of product, the past three consecutive years’ calf crops and management practices may be viewed on our website.

This calf crop’s health is excellent, and we expect exceptional performance from them as well.  The back grounding of these calves began at the first
taste of their dam’s milk and is enhanced by the vaccinations and deworming described at working and weaning times.

Further inquires related to these calves are directed to Myron Mays.
Home   # (915) 597-2537
Mobile # (915) 456-7741

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